About Peter Fritz - Driving in Mt Martha
About Peter Fritz - Driving in Mt Martha

I changed how I work more than 20 yrs ago.

Word outdoors with your laptop | OfficeAnywhereLike thousands of other professionals, my work happens mostly on a computer. That means as long as I have decent Internet, I can work almost anywhere and still be productive.

I’ve worked in the mountains, beside lakes, in quiet inns beside a roaring fire, in my garage and out on the road. I’ve even worked in a desert town so remote there were no other living souls within a 300 km radius. It’s called Noccundra – population, 3.

The photo above is me on my way to visiting my mum down the coast on the Mornington Peninsula – on a Tuesday. Work/life flexibility lets you do stuff like that – to spend a bit more time with the people who really matter.

Most people hate their job. But when they change how, when, and especially WHERE they do it, their life can change.
My goal is to help 1,000 people gain control over how, where and when they work so they can spend more time with loved ones, reduce their stress levels, and pursue – maybe for the first timesomething that matters to them.

“The objective is to work where, when and how you want; so you can build a great life.”

What’s your why?

Perhaps you work on a computer all day but you crave a more flexible work arrangement.

Maybe you’re sick of commuting to a beige cubicle every day. Maybe you’d like your kids to recognise you when you walk through the door at seven.

Or perhaps you’ve had an entrepreneurial seizure (an urge to try something on your own), but you’re sh*t-scared to take the leap because, well, the mortgage, school fees, Netflix, running water…

I get it, and I agree. It’s one thing to go all Jerry Maguire, but it’s another to actually pull it off and survive.

Of course, you could always get a side hustle, where you make a thing, sell a thing or write about a thing. I’m a huge fan of side-hustles; I’ve done many since I was a kid, and a few turned into careers and businesses. The trouble is, by the time you get home from work, you’re stuffed. How do you find the energy, let alone the time? You’d love to get up at 5:00 am and work on it but then you worry you’d fall asleep on your way to work. There’s only so much energy in one day.

This is where I come in.

I’ve done this remote working thing for a long time, and I’ve helped others do the same, too. Working from home (and the half-dozen other places I hang out) is the single best work/life decision I ever made because it frees up the time I need for all sorts of things – personal and commercial. You can find lots more reasons here and here.

So, I started this site to help you keep your job, but do it from home (or a mountaintop if that’s your thing). But that’s just the start.

The thing is, when you’re able to work remotely, you have the time and energy to explore new horizons and live a better life doing stuff that truly matters. On this website, I show you how.

How can I help?

  • Regular Blog Posts – Not fluff pieces, but properly researched (or lived) articles that’ll instruct, inspire and optimise your life.
  • Free Guides – If you haven’t downloaded your free Work Anywhere Trail Guide, get it now at the bottom of this page.
  • Recommendations – Everyone loves a good tip. That’s how books, movies and restaurants become popular. When I discover something that can help you, I’ll tell you about it – but only if I’ve used it and would recommend it to a close friend. I might have affiliate relationships with some of them, but you can always seek them out independently if that’s what you prefer. Also, see point 3 under “Should you trust me?”. See what I use in the Tools area.
  • Course – Twenty years in the planning and a year in the making, Escape the Office is a course that’ll help you convince your boss to let you quit commuting and work from anywhere (except the bloody office). If the pandemic has convinced you that WFH is for you – and you’re dreading your inevitable return to the cubicle – this course is for you. If you’re staying home, and you want it to be a catalyst for a new life, then Remote Work Academy is what you need.
  • Email – If you subscribe to this site, you’re welcome to reply to any of my emails with questions about working from home, living deliberately, parenting, midlife, freelancing and more. I often get a few hundred emails a day (granted, many of them are rubbish), so I mightn’t always respond immediately, but I’ll do my best.

Should you trust me?

No, you shouldn’t – at least not until I’ve proven you can.

You needn’t buy anything, here. There’s no gift shop on the way out. If my ideas help you, then maybe one day you’ll buy something I make. Or you’ll invite me to a TED talk or leave your classic ’93 Honda/Acura NSX to me in your will. But no, nothing here is a ‘must-buy’.

Here’s what I want you to know:

  1. I don’t need your money. I keep our family in electricity and vintage cheddar through my job and other work.
  2. You don’t need to buy anything from here to learn what I know.
  3. If I recommend something to you, it’s because I’ve bought it, used it and benefitted from it. Yes, I might get a small commission if you buy it, but it won’t cost you any extra. Besides, you don’t have to buy it through me if you don’t want to, and if you don’t think it’ll help you, then don’t buy it from anywhere.
  4. If I charge for a product like a course, it’s because a tonne of work went into creating it. Also, we don’t usually value the things we get for free, so sometimes we need to pay for things to get the value out of them. I’ve invested $1000’s in courses, and have completed most of them simply because I paid for them. If they’d have been free, I would’ve given up on most of them before starting.

What now?

  1. To learn more about this site and what it offers, read the Manifesto.
  2. To get the free Work Anywhere Trail Guide, see below.
  3. If you’ve done number 2 (no, not number-twos), you’ll automatically get an email each time a new post goes live. Click through to the ones that look helpful and delete the ones that don’t.

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