What I’m Focused on Right Now

For more than four years, I’ve published a blog post at least once a fortnight (more often than not, every week). And for more than two years, that’s also included a podcast episode.

For someone who’s already stretched with client work, it’s been tough maintaining this commitment, but I felt the work mattered and so the effort was warranted.


Not long after my friend, Jon, entered palliative care, I decided to take stock of where I was spending my time. I wanted to devote more energy to my son, Tommy, plus I wanted to pick up my camera again and spend more time in nature.

Since I began blogging in late 2015, I’ve focused on issues around midlife reinvention, remote work, and finding your path to the work – and a life – that’s right for you. These issues remain important, although I don’t need to beat my drum about remote work anymore, thanks to the pandemic and the subsequent move to remote work.

So here’s what I’m focused on right now:

  • After giving the idea a few months to percolate, I conceded, very willingly, that I am indeed a photographer. In fact, I have been since I was 16. Check out my photography story at peterfritzphoto.com.
  • In early 2022, I started filming videos about landscape photography. In late 2023, I introduced another great love – cars. I also started sharing more of the topics you’ve read, here, on this blog. Take a look here.

Thanks for checking this out, and as always, write to me any time.