The Work Anywhere Trail Guide


Almost overnight, COVID-19 changed the way we live and work, and for many, the change will be permanent.

This pandemic is a tragedy of epic proportions, but it’s also an opportunity to reassess what matters. The benefits of remote work have been known for decades – a fact many are now experiencing for the first time. The pandemic didn’t created this opportunity, it only amplified and accelerated what so many of us knew and lived every day.

I created this guide to show you how to create an amazing life using remote work as the catalyst to provide a path to a life lived on purpose.


I’ve worked remotely for over 20 years – mostly from my home office in Melbourne, Australia. I haven’t worked from a Balinese villa or road-tripped through Iceland yet, but I’ve worked where and how I like for most of my life.

This guide is for anyone who feels:

  • Trapped in their current job
  • Worried about its impact on their family
  • Concerned about their future
  • Stressed and unable to relax
  • Exhausted at the end of each day
  • Overwhelmed all the time

It’s for those of us who value our time, our freedom, and the choice to do great work in an environment that’s aligned with who we are and how we prefer to work. It’s for everyone who dreads Mondays…

Remote Work Academy Steps - Office Anywhere

Work Anywhere Trail Guide | Office Anywhere

Covering the six essential steps to work/life transformation, it’ll take you:

  • from married to the job to reconnected with family
  • from beige walls & fluro lights to a space that inspires
  • from no time for anything to a side hustle you love
  • from life on autopilot to living on your terms

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