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Back in my teenage years, most of my cohort entertained themselves – and set the pecking order – by belting each other up. I didn’t enjoy this very much, so in my last two years at that God-aweful institution, I surrounded myself with a female entourage. They were far far more mature, and less inclined to violence.

Before this, a string of disappointing ‘best friends’ in junior and senior school cemented a belief that most boys couldn’t control their egos, and were prone to random acts of stupidity and self-sabotage (usually via booze, drugs and vandalism).

This proved true time and time again, and over time, I found I got along much better with women in business and in life. I reckon I got some of this from my dad, too.

So I was thoroughly delighted the other day when I got the chance to chat with the gorgeous human dynamo that is Genecia Alluora.

Genecia Alluora with Gary Vee and her Mum - Soul Rich Woman | Office Anywhere

A previous Miss Singapore, co-founder of a successful cafe chain that later sold to a publicly listed company, and more recently, the creator of a hugely successful women’s-only business community, Genecia Alluora is a whirlwind of sapphire blue energy.

Her community at soulrichwoman.com, with 200,000 members, teaches female entrepreneurs to ‘own and love the f-word’: being Fabulous, earning Freedom, gaining Financial Independence, and valuing Family.

So in our conversation, we discussed:

  • Her battle with bullying and her attempted suicide that almost succeeded
  • The role her mother played in shaping her views about problems, and the opportunities they present
  • The huge demand in South East Asia for female business role models and training
  • What opportunities exist today for taking a traditional business online (vs online ecommerce)
  • The key principals essential to online success, and the mediums she currently uses
  • How to build a successful remote team and the tools she relies on to manage hers
  • The importance of setting the right foundations and the work that follows
  • Why she does what she does, and her mission for Soul Rich Woman

There’s something energising about hanging around successful people. They think differently, they behave differently, and they speak differently. Genecia sits firmly in this group, and I’m happy you get the chance to sit in on our chat, too.

Click the play button above and enjoy my conversation with the irrepressible Genecia Alluora.



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